A dynamic flexible approach


Every project is unique and therefore we believe the approach should reflect this. Designworks is a dynamic international design centred agency and can offer flexibility in how it responds to a project. Over the past 25 plus years Designworks have adapted their offer as the business environment has evolved to provide the best outcome for your brand, product or experience.



Designworks have a proven track record of providing award winning design and manufacturing consultancy services for companies and organisations globally. Our expertise is diverse, built from our experience of working across a number of market sectors over a 25+ year period. We thrive on the challenge to create solutions that deliver on all levels, fulfilling the need to build desire and drive forward business aspirations.
Utilising retainers and programme based services Designworks can provide end to end design and development services across our sectors supporting our clients product development process through every stage. We will uncover and consider the many influencing factors that determine the design direction on your behalf, so you can concentrate on your business. 



Manufacturing intent is integrated throughout the design process to achieve a fully considered product.  Our manufacturing capability and operation completes the product cycle with a team on the ground working directly with our vendor partners to oversee and manage the transition from data release through to production and delivery.  We have delivered a diverse range of products to many of our clients spanning a variety of sectors.
For partners with viable manufacturing requirements we can offer reduced design and development fees upfront which is offset against a successful manufacturing partnership. This allows our customers to explore more opportunities with less investment up front. Our customers receive the time and risk management benefits of an in-house design and manufacture service.


Joint Ventures

Sometimes the challenge in developing a product is getting started. The process of developing a product doesn’t always fit with how a project is structured to allow the research and development. Designworks can offer alternative business models that provides flexibility. This could be a partnership with shared equity or royalty based venture.
We can assist start-ups we share a passion with by supporting initially with reduced fees in return for an equity share or royalty basis return. We like to see business grow and be part of that journey, our design expertise and experience is an asset to any aspirational start up. We review new venture opportunities on a case by case basis.


Let’s coLlaborate



Our digital sculpting studio have been sculpting licensed characters, collectables and props for more than two decades. With extensive expertise in character design, sculpting, prototyping and manufacture we have created original 3D sculpts and production data for a multitude of licenses and big brands. Our manufacturing team has produced and supplied over 10 million figurines!