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Voice Biometrics

"Your voice is as unique as your fingerprint"   

Mervyn Owen, Barclays Community Banking Director

 A sound grows from deep within, it is shaped and transformed as it travels through your vocal cavity and as it emerges, resonating from its final transformation, a unique biometric identifier is created.

When we think of voiceprints, we often think of the wave pattern we would see on an oscilloscope ~ a simple two-dimensional waveform.  However, the data used in a voiceprint is a more sophisticated, three-dimensional soundscape known as a Spectrogram.  Frequency, amplitude and time are mapped across multiple axes, visualising the unique characteristics of the complete sound form.

Linking with Barclays and the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley, we got up-close and personal to produce a series of 3-Dimensional voice sculptures designed to showcase how advanced security systems are now harnessing the power of sound.




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