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Design is at the core of what we do. We work collaboratively with brands to research and identify areas for opportunity and innovation in the consumer space. Our experience combined with our diverse expertise enables us to design, engineer and manufacture truly disruptive solutions taking them from concept to production.


User insights

We design products for people, deeply focused on understanding human behaviour to enhance how the product performs. Identifying consumer-focused opportunities as a platform to build brands for our clients that resonate with their customers. User insights provide the stimulus to unlock product boundaries and spark innovation. 



Technology has long been a key driver for new product opportunities. We are developing new technology to accelerate and facilitate this innovation. Curious about what is possible and passionate about delivering market leading products for all our clients, we dream, collaborate and seek like minded people to design the future.



The challenge is not always the inspiration but having the ability to develop an idea into something tangible. We deploy a unique iterative approach to the design process. Our in-house creative team of Industrial designers, Model Makers and Engineers work seamlessly to rapidly develop new products, engineer complex mechanisms and integrate electronics. We start with ideas, then work collaboratively with our clients to realise their vision.