Enriched digital experiences

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Our dedicated team of designers and coders are passionate about delivering joyful experiences that make technology shine. We are experienced at creating bespoke solutions for a wide range of platforms centred around your users’ experience, seamlessly delivering all the functionality you require.





Whether it’s a mobile game, app or integrated software our designers can develop a bespoke app centred around your users experience whilst delivering all the functionality you require. We are familiar with a range of platforms including iOS and Android, Desktop, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IOT) devices.



We believe that user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are essential tools in the development process. Our holistic design approach enables us to develop a thorough understanding of the user and process to build solid applications that deliver seamless interaction and quality experiences.



To create truly disruptive products, we believe in bringing physical and digital design together to deliver “Phygital” solutions. We are experienced blending physical and digital products together to deliver a more compelling and exciting experience.



Our team loves working with the latest technology to deliver new and innovative. Augmented Reality (AR) allows digital objects to be blended with the real world through a mobile device. The potential uses are endless from interactive experiences for consumers to promotional tools for your brand.

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We also develop bespoke Virtual Reality experiences that immerse users in 360º worlds leaving a lasting impression. Our bespoke Virtual Reality solutions provide the perfect platform for your ideas to capture your clients imaginations.

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With Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Industrial Designers, Developers and User Experience Designers all ‘under one roof’ Designworks is well equipped to develop innovative connected solutions that offer a complete user experience that is ready to bring to market.