Colourful, portable and multi-functional

Play Set Composition 5.png

Magnetic Playcentre

The Magnetic Playcentre has long been a key product in the Mothercare range. It represents traditional and effective learning and play through its super simple, low-tech function. The fact that it remains relevant in the digital age is a testament to the concept and its proven track record.  Mothercare approached Designworks hoping to modernise the product for the contemporary market whilst maintaining the charm and simplicity of the original.

Stripping the product back to its essential functions gave us the opportunity to reimagine the way the user interacts with it, without compromising its core value. Using contemporary design as inspiration we aimed to style this product to appear as comfortable being left on a playroom floor as the most stylish living room. Subtle features were added such as the blackboard being removable like a tablet computer which helped modernise the design whilst keeping it simple and usable.

The uncluttered, minimal aesthetic helps to highlight the quality of the product itself in terms of design and manufacture, whilst the colour schemes make the Magnetic Playcentre fun and engaging. We love to work on toys here at Designworks and thoroughly enjoyed the project. It is available on the Mothercare website in two different colour schemes. Check it out in red and pink!