BECO dancing soap bottle


BECO believe everyone is capable of doing something great, and at Designworks, we couldn’t agree more!

BECO are a great brand centred around creating real jobs for visually impaired, disabled and disadvantaged people in the UK. BECO is Better Considered; Better for the people who make it, the people who buy it and better for the environment. Vegan, hypoallergenic and better for the environment, BECO seeks to not just challenge the status quo but to change it for the better.

When BECO approached us to be part of the great team creating a promotional video we jumped at the opportunity. Our designers rose to the challenge and created a giant BECO soap bottle which can be seen dancing in the video above.

Beco bottle visual.jpg

“Every single sale provides real work and training for visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged staff at our semi-automated factory in East London. We launched BECỌ to empower people across the UK to not just challenge the status quo but to change it for the better.”  - Camilla Marcus-Dew, co-founder of The Soap Cọ

To learn more about BECO and their mission follow the link below and if you need a prop making for promotional marketing please get in touch.