Recycled grass phone

“By creating this phone, we are demonstrating how two of O2’s passion points – rugby and O2 Recycle – can come together, as a force for good.”

    Bill Eyres, Head of Sustainability at O2


When devices are thrown away they end up in landfill sites.  They don’t breakdown or biodegrade, they pollute soil and waterways damaging plants and wildlife.

Today’s products are excessively reliant on plastic ~ a material that has both revolutionised the industrial world and subsequently, profoundly, impacted its landscape. Plastics fundamentally changed the way products were designed, providing strong, durable, low-cost components, manufactured at a scale no previous technology could.  However, that same durability also renders them resistant to, well, everything.  Plastics photodegrade; solar Ultraviolet radiation will typically take 500 - 1000yrs to breakdown a plastic water bottle.

In conjunction with O2 Recycle, Designworks developed a lightweight, structural composite material made from organic waste; grass.

“The opportunity to present functional design and positive social impact as compatible and not mutually exclusive was very compelling” recalls Sean Miles, Director of Prototype Development at Designworks in an interview for Provenance News. …“established supply chains with intrinsically lower costs maintain the status quo, we were keen to a explore a more innovative, higher-risk strategy, such as the use of recycled and organic materials in everyday manufacture”.

An initiative, an ambition, an opportunity.



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