Acco - Gazelle

The Acco Gazelle stapler and dock were born from the need to produce a product that truly understood the requirements of the user and at the same time define Acco as a manufacturer of premium office products. The design incorporates labour saving features such as a name tag system, a staple quantity indicator, spare staples and a docking station. These novel features provided protectable IP and gave Acco a massive advantage over its competition. It’s still on sale today!

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Noughts & Ones05
Vivid - Thunderbirds Tracy Island

Many people think that the most impressive structure to be created at the turn of the century was the Millennium Dome, but they clearly didn’t see the original Tracy Island playset. It was at the top of every child’s Christmas list that year; and those who couldn’t afford the real thing were even catered for by the good folk at Blue Peter who famously created a how to guide for making your own cardboard version! We have redesigned the playset since then in 2015, but there will always be a special place in our hearts for the original.

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Noughts & Ones02
Hugo Boss - Boss in motion

Often the biggest challenge in design is to make something which is extremely complicated look beautifully simple. Perfume brands exemplify form over function, so any complicated mechanisms must be neatly hidden away, and the user experience should be as memorable as the form itself. Giving the product an aesthetic which is undeniably Hugo Boss’ whilst remaining elegantly constrained further complicated what looks like a very simple product.

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Noughts & Ones01
Hasbro - Mouse Trap

Working at Designworks isn’t all fun and games, but in the early 2000s most of our projects were. Studio manager Mat’s favourite project ever, Hasbro asked Designworks to come up with a brand-new board game experience unlike anything else in the current market. Starting from a completely blank canvas the design team iterated towards the cherished family board game which we all know and love. Who knew that a game as huge as Mouse Trap began life as a blank piece of card on the floor of our design studio!

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Noughts & Ones00
Virgin Atlantic - In flight beauty station

One of our most memorable design briefs was walking into a meeting room at the Virgin HQ, and being presented with a Fokker wing tip. Virgin Atlantic had appointed Designworks to reimagine, design and engineer the upper-class and economy seating, in-flight beauty area and even the toilets! Full scale fuselage mock ups were created, ‘passengers’ invited to take 10 hour ‘flights’ - all part of a huge development program.

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Luke Davies97
Dunlop - Gold bag

Creating a point of difference in a product as prescribed as a golf bag is a tall order. Our designers looked beyond obvious aesthetic changes and dug far deeper to redesign the Dunlop golf bag, analysing the ergonomics associated with the product and its impact upon a round of golf. This project perfectly illustrates the idea that good design should go unnoticed, as the bags allow the user to play a round comfortably and focus on enjoying the game itself.

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Noughts & Ones96
Coca Cola - Bar Fonts

Nowadays photorealism is taken for granted, and although it is not easy, a myriad of CAD tools allow designers to rapidly create compelling product renders. However back in 1991 when computers were huge, Bryan Adams was on Top Of The Pops and Pete and Jez had (some) hair, marker rendering was king. Tasked with analysing the Coca-Cola brand DNA and creating an unforgettable user experience, Designworks hand sketched and rendered these drinks dispenser concepts.

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Noughts & Ones92