A versatile solution for productive meetings

Biamp Devio AV hanging from roof.jpg


Devio is a collaboration tool for modern workplaces that brings Biamp’s full conference room audio to smaller spaces.

An idea that starts on the desktop or in a cubicle quickly becomes the subject of a spontaneous brainstorming session. In order to keep the conversation going, participants must be able to seamlessly move the discussion from the desktop and expand it into the huddle room.

Our challenge was to package this incredible audio technology into a product design that was intuitive and beautiful while maintaining the high end acoustic performance of the design. As Biamp moves into the conference room with products that users see and feel, it was also an opportunity for us to start to build their own brand/design language.

The Devio system is a purposeful design with a unique form that sets the foundation of the Biamp brand in the conference room. The product is beautifully made with high quality materials and finishes. Devio is simple and flexible for installation, ensuring a high quality installation is achieved in a range of environments and scenarios.

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Biamp Devio AV system family.jpg