In an age of digital empowerment, we still believe in the value of making. We combine an experienced and skilled team with a range of cutting-edge equipment and offer qualified solutions to a diverse range of prototyping and model making requirements.



Whist we are fully equipped with the latest in-house technologies our greatest asset is the experience and skill of our prototyping team. The number of available prototyping options can be confusing however we use the right tools for the job, often combining a range of technologies and skills to deliver the optimum solution.



Our team of experienced model makers is capable of producing accurate, high fidelity visual prototypes perfect for user testing, raising investment or marketing shots. These appearance models typically include an element of functionality and closely mimic real world material properties, finishes, colours, branding and textures.



Fine finishing is the critical step in creating a convincing model or prototype that looks smooth, clean and shiny like a real production part. Our highly skilled team are experts at priming, painting and sanding capable of achieving the highest possible standard truly bringing your model to life!



Testing to validate and verify a design is an essential part of the product design process. From early proof of concept rigs to finely tolleranced pre-production prototypes our skilled team will cater to your needs by selecting the optimum process to drive your project forward, reducing risk and timelines.



3D sketch models are a great way to rapidly assess and iterate the scale and form of a concept at an early stage before engaging in the fine detail. Sketch models allow for many different ideas to be explored, tested and evaluated rapidly.



Our diverse team of creatives collaborate to produce high quality interactive models from one-off’s to small production runs. These often combine digital and physical story telling messages, promoting brands and products to the range of recipients. As well as premium physical models we can also deliver integrated digital content.


Large scale models

We love a challenge no matter how large, or small. We regularly undertake the design and construction of full scale large mock-ups for PR, Marketing and Transport projects. We ensure that functional and practical considerations are integrated from the outset. No job is too big or small...




architectural models

Our highly skilled team provide a bespoke service creating all types of quality architectural models tailored to your requirements. These include fully detailed models, sketch & concept models and interior or sectional models.