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BP is a global company, operating in over 80 countries around the world. Most of what it does is invisible; be it oil in a vehicle’s engine or discovering and recovering oil and gas several km below the earth’s surface. To communicate some of the technologies that BP uses to safely and efficiently recover oil and gas, a practical and creative approach was required given the complexity of their message, and diversity of their audiences. BP chose Designworks to create a range of models to showcase their innovative and emerging technologies. 

We were able to link multiple technology stories by engaging the user both physically and digitally, presenting a coherent and tangible vision of BP’s Field of the Future® technology programme.  Accessed via a bespoke app, integrated lighting was used to dynamically represent real-time data flow whilst augmented reality animation sequences were created to visualise subterranean engineering technologies. Crafted from premium materials and finished to an impeccably high standard, we looked to encapsulate BP’s engineering and technological heritage.

By distilling processes, deconstructing both scientific and engineering principles and bringing the user to the centre of the story, we took the audience on a journey several kilometres below the surface of the planet. With the innovative use of familiar consumer-based technologies (and a little creative thinking) this technology model empowers the user and gives everyone the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a Petrochemical or Geotechnical engineer.

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BP digital model 1.jpg