Complex technology. simplified



BP is a global business, operating in over 80 countries around the world.  Most of what it does is invisible, from the discovery and recovery of oil and gas deep below the earth’s surface, to the refined product that runs through a vehicle’s engine.  Bringing these complex engineering and technology stories to life required a practical and creative approach.  Following a competitive tender, BP chose Designworks to partner with their showcase team to develop a range of technology communication models. 

Working with their petrochemical and geotechnical engineers we embarked on an intensive program of discovery, immersing our creatives and designers into the often subterranean world of oil and gas.  Our approach was simple; we wanted to tell stories.  This time-honoured method of communication both informs and excites and is recognised the world-over as an effective and potent way to share knowledge.

By distilling decades of industrial know-how into bite-sized, tangible concepts and placing the audience at the centre of the story, we created a platform from which connections could be made and complex processes communicated.  The use of accessible form, materials, language and technology further helped break-down barriers between audience and content.

The result; a series of physical and digital interactions (stories) that both engaged and informed, delivering a memorable experience that could be shared again and again.