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When Mondelez decided to launch a new range of toys and characters for their iconic Freddo Frog brand entitled Freddo Treasures, they turned to Designworks as a key development partner. The iconic Freddo Treasures snack set is to be Cadburys Dairy Milk’s ‘Biggest launch of 2019’.

Freddo Treasures is a child-friendly snack in the form of a treasure chest that partners chocolate buttons and a “Freddo Treasures” figurine or toy.

Our product development team leveraged their considerable experience and understanding of the toy and premiums market to tackle the mammoth task of developing a brand new range of unique and exciting characters and toys. We have successfully created a refreshing and fun new style that includes Freddo, one of the UK’s most endearing and iconic characters as well as some of Milka and Dairy Milk’s most popular characters. By maintaining a fresh and consistently stylish approach whilst retaining the brand DNA from such a broad range of iconic characters, Designworks has succeeded in the creation of compelling characters set to become children’s favourites for years to come.

Designworks assembled a crack-team of character designers, product specialists and visualisers to develop the story line behind each character, creating unique personality, traits and skills all of which manifest themselves as the story line takes the team on more and more exciting adventures in the pursuit of treasure. Using all our in-house skills of visualising, 3D digital sculpting through rapid prototyping and engineering the new range of products was created in record time, ready for market testing.

The child-friendly nature of the product meant the designs must be engaging and appropriate for a broad age range, whilst being safe for all adhering to stringent safety criteria from several global markets. Working with Mondelez and their manufacturing partner we leveraged our knowledge of high-volume mass production to provide technical input producing unique collectables that meet target cost, toy safety and packaging fit.

Already available in shelf-ready packaging in a store near you its due to be supported by a £6m advertising campaign including Freddo’s first ever TV advert. All the team at Designworks are enormously excited to see where Freddo takes the team on their next adventure!

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