atraumatic manipulation of tissues and organs



Asalus approached Designworks with a possible solution to improve the safety of minimal access (keyhole) surgical procedures, and challenged our team to develop a commercial product suitable for an IP buy out from major medical players.

The design and engineering team at Designworks worked closely with the client and top UK laparoscopy surgeons to ensure the functional and user requirements were delivered. Our team was involved in creating innovative solutions for the product, which moved it through the development phase and into various medical trials. 

As with all medical device development, accuracy and attention to detail was key to the successful completion of the project and our approach to the SAM device was no exception. In addition to an understanding of and adherence to all the necessary medical requirements and standards, our team was produced a fully documented and detailed design history file of all activities that met the corresponding standard.

In addition to developing the design, Designworks also produced a number of working prototypes that were designed, fabricated and assembled by our team in-house, and then used during trials. 

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