Since its invention in 1923, Monopoly has been one of the world’s most popular family games. Despite this, Monopoly has been challenged in recent years by changes in the games market and has needed to innovate to maintain its relevancy with consumers. 

To help keep the Monopoly brand at the forefront of the games market, Designworks has worked with Hasbro on a variety of conceptual ideas, prototypes and commercial solutions – all exploring the relevant trends in technology and family behavior.

The Here and Now edition was by far and away the biggest and most successful iteration the team has worked on. This edition was the worlds biggest ever game launch and Designworks worked with Hasbro to choose relevant movers and buildings to represent each region on the globe. 

Working with Hasbro, we worked the project through conceptual design stages and onto 3D data generation and prototype iterations. Finally, we developed and released production information for Hasbro’s manufacturing partners to create high volume elements of the game.

hasbro sketches 3.jpg
monopoly ebanking page new-01.jpg

“Designworks have been working with Hasbro for over 17 years. They have always provided exceptional creative execution both visually and physically, through the hundreds of different Toy and Game concepts and prototypes we have developed together.” 

Design Director - Hasbro Gaming