Defining the Next Generation of Network Performance



Kaelus saw a need in their market for a portable, low-powered test instrument that would improve workflow due to its lightweight format. This would allow users to quickly find faults in their installations compared to the heavy, expensive high-powered devices already in use. 

Designworks was approached by Kaelus, who were keen to leverage our experience in developing consumer-orientated products and apply it to a scientific test instrument.

After mapping the competitive landscape we found that the market was stale and bland, with very little brand differentiation. Our team felt that there would be a clear opportunity here to use colour as a major point of difference, and make the range of products very distinct. 

We also felt that the use of a different manufacturing process would energise the product offering – normally these type of devices are fabricated using sheet metal and machined parts. Since the iHA was to be a lower cost, rugged device Designworks put forward a proposal to use injection moulding. This would allow us to leverage the design opportunities and create a high impact design that, when coupled with a new colour scheme, created a unique product offering in the market.

Launching such an innovative product placed Kaelus at the forefront of the PPIM test instrument market – immediately, installers and operators could see the benefits of the product and this has been validated through volume sales. 

As well as creating a NPD platform for future products, the iHA has also won numerous international awards for its innovative design.

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