a quantum leap in tonometer accuracy

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The Designworks team was engaged by Keeler to develop a new iteration of their highly successful optometrist’s tonometer. The brand needed a unit that would not only have a clear aesthetic difference from it’s competitors, but could incorporate the new, market leading technologies developed by the hardware engineers at Keeler. 

Our design team worked closely with Keeler’s R&D team to optimise the device footprint for use on a desk, create a wall mounted option and develop ergonomics that augmented a comfortable experience for both operator and patient. Ergonomics were a key consideration both for users and patients, and to ensure this was correct we made several prototype iterations refining the grip detail, button locations and the brow rest position.

The design was developed through initial concept and prototyping, and into final manufacturing data release – this ensured that the clients technical knowledge was leveraged, and expedited the development process. The unit was showcased at the annual industry event to great acclaim, with its position as the only wall mounted design on the market a key product feature, along with a footprint optimisation of over 50%.

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