Rowse Honey


Working with Rowse Honey, Designworks have created a smart device designed to cook porridge on the go.

Almost half of UK residents skip breakfast. We’re so tight on time that the most important meal of the day just isn’t as important as a few extra minutes sleep. The Rowse branded GoBrek device designed, developed and prototyped by Designworks aims to combat this by cooking porridge on the go.

Designworks also developed an accompanying ‘GoBrek’ app to control cooking parameters. It also syncs up with maps and commute data to ensure that the porridge is cooked to individuals’ tastes and is ready for when the user arrives at their morning destination.

Pre-loaded toppings such as honey, sugar, coconut flakes etc. can be dispensed onto the finished meal either manually, or via the app. Charging is achieved via a standard micro USB port and cutting-edge tech such as EHPT (Energy Harvesting Piezoelectric Transducers) for stable heating and Low frequency Sonic waves for mixing are used throughout. An innovative and novel folding spoon is built into the base meaning that the user has everything needed to enjoy a balanced breakfast as soon as it is ready.