a pioneering breast cancer diagnostic system

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As the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women in the UK, breast cancer affects a huge number of people. As with all cancers, the key to successful treatment is early detection. Designworks has been working with NPL to develop the PiUCT - a pioneering breast cancer diagnostic system. Existing methods of detection (such as x-ray mammography or clinical examination) are adequate; however, this new system is set to revolutionise the process providing a simpler and far less invasive experience with clearer, more accurate results.

The ground-breaking system is being developed alongside NPLUniversity of Bristol, and Precision Acoustics Ltd, with the help of Innovate UK funding.

“The new method of detecting ultrasound produces images with fewer imaging artefacts,” ultimately delivering a less stressful and more precise diagnosis.

Designworks have been pivotal in taking the core concept, and transforming it into a fully considered system, considering ergonomics and anthropometrics, user experience, scalability and mass manufacture.

The PiUCT system is still under development, however it was recently exhibited at the NCRI Partners Conference. In preparation for the show, Designworks created a full-scale prototype of the product. Subtle features such as soft LED lighting, aromatherapy diffusers and iPad entertainment have all been incorporated, whilst ergonomic considerations such as easy access from the rear and a height adjustable bed create a friction-free interaction for both patient and operator.

The project is currently at an exciting stage, with the ultrasound imaging technology fully resolved and a final vision for the product taking shape. The commercialization phase is the last step in bringing this life-saving product to market.

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