There’s an increasing trend towards people placing more value on spending spare time socialising, seeking adventure and sharing experiences with family and friends. The great outdoors is the perfect playground to find these adventures. Designworks collaborated with American company Pelican (www.Pelican.com) to rethink the picnic experience. Pelican brought an unrivalled level of expertise in ruggedized transport cases which they develop to protect their contents in all environments.

Pelican’s Vice President of Research and Product Development said “Don’t laugh but we would like to look at the idea of creating a 21st century picnic basket that fits our DNA.  The consumer division of Pelican is driving the brand towards the Outdoor Adventure Lifestyle (think Home-to-Base Camp rather than Base Camp-to-Summit) and we think there might be an opportunity to revisit the old picnic basket concept but updated for the 21st century and designed to match our customer’s expectations of the brand.”

Challenged to design an innovative picnic hamper, we researched traditional products, considering end-user needs, ergonomics and solving issues associated with dining outdoors ‘al fresco’ in the wilderness. Utilizing designworks creative team of design and engineering expertise we developed the unique ‘Pelican Nomad’. The feature rich product design was encased in a stylish form, aligned with the existing design language of the Pelican brand. It was an intention to create a product that would stand-out and redefine the picnicking experience for adventurous consumers.

The ‘Pelican Nomad’ provides a modular solution to allow end users to adventure across all terrain. Transforming the humble wicker basket, pink plates and cheese and pickle sandwiches into a social dining experience with friends wherever you decide to seek adventure. Developed by Designworks’ in-house Industrial designers from the ground up; conceptualised, prototyped and engineered for volume production.