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Puttshack is a ‘World’s First’ social entertainment concept, using ground-breaking patented technology to catapult the traditional game of mini golf into a cutting edge gaming phenomenon! 

Working collaboratively with the team at Puttshack and their technology partners, we lead the research, design and manufacture process to create a unique entertainment experience that was inclusive for all abilities, blending digital and physical in way that created inclusive social play with repeatable memorable moments.  

Capitalising on our research and game play expertise we revolutionised how groups play mini golf, adding a new level of excitement and Game play that will appeal to all players. Our iterative process of concept generation and full scale prototyping, allowed us to rapidly re-create the game play experience for testing prior to capturing all the data in 3D to sub millimetre accuracy. Utilising our in-house cutting-edge technologies ranging from 3D printing to laser cutting, CNC machining and our CAD software skills we created data for over 10,000 unique components. To ensure end results matched our aspirations we manufactured all the mini-golf holes in-house, embracing a rapid expansion of our business to facilitate.

The result of two years of design and engineering is an inclusive multi-sensory gaming experience like no other, bringing physical and digital game play together in the context of a bespoke crafted mini-golf hole. A genuine game changer we are truly proud of.

Puttshack Hole Concept Design.jpg
Puttshack hole design CAD modeling.png