revolutionising microdialysis studies

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Designworks have a long-standing relationship of collaborating in the life science sector and working on grant funded projects. Recently Designworks have formed a consortium with several other notable academic and commercial partners including University of Bristol, University of Bergen, Karolinska Institutet, Olink Proteomics and Evangelismos Hospital. This research team, named Ultradian, have secured over 7 million euros of Horizon 2020 funding to be invested towards a goal of developing a novel portable sampling device that allows fractionated collection of microdialysate fluid. 

The vision of the team is to transform the current endocrine diagnostics from time-consuming single-analyte and complex function tests to dynamic endocrine diagnostics which can be performed at a “one stop clinic” appointment. The device will provide more sensitive, reliable and faster diagnosis, as well as therapy monitoring, which is the ultimate foundation for successful treatment of endocrine diseases.

The U-Rhythm device is simple, portable and robust. It automates collection of clinical and biological samples offering regular collection throughout the day, including during undisturbed sleep. These samples are then stored away from the artificial and stressful hospital environment. This unique process removes the need for costly clinical investigations, offers greater sensitivity, and reliable diagnosis and therapy monitoring.

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