Tracy Island 1.png


We loved working on the original Tracy Island playset alongside Vivid over 20 years ago, so we couldn’t wait to get stuck into the new one. Admittedly there was some pressure seeing as the last iteration was a Christmas smash hit, but we were confident that this one could be even better! It was amazing to analyse the differences (and similarities!) in our approach to the product development this time around.

Technology has come a long way since 1993 and our product development process has evolved with it, however the fundamentals of the early stages remain unchanged. We began with sketching, but with a playset you need to get hands on as soon as you can so we rapidly moved into card modelling. It is amazing how this low tech approach is still so relevant and useful. From here the 3D design became virtual and was manipulated using CAD software.

We had great fun designing the 2015 Tracy Island playset, but possibly even more fun playing with the finished article! It is reminiscent of the original but with every single feature revamped, restyled and re-engineered. We’ll all be asking Santa to bring us one this Christmas and we’re confident that we won’t be alone! Take a look at what has been written about it in the mirror or watch a full video review to see it in action.

Tracy Island detail view 1.png