Motorcycle industry insights


Autumn signifies the Motorcycle Industry’s opportunity to showcase their latest product to the world, with Italian, UK and USA shows providing a platform for the very latest models, trending technologies and spectacular product design on two wheels. 

Some interesting trends are emerging, whilst ‘Adventure’ bike sales are remaining strong and continue to provide a basis for a huge aftermarket accessories and lifestyle market, other areas of interest include further growth in electrification, custom/bespoke offerings and high-end/high performance variants. The appetite to take to two wheels is as strong as ever with bike sales topping 120M worldwide.  

Low cost, reliable bikes manufactured in India are providing transportation for the ever upwardly mobile nation with later models gaining note in Europe and USA – one such good example is Bajaj, currently the world’s third largest manufacturer. Established bike manufacturers are investing heavily in India and partnering with companies like Bajaj [] KTM, Honda and BMW are three good examples. With R&D, investment and expertise growing rapidly expect to see more manufacturers following suit. 

Lifestyle motorcycles continue to grow in popularity, motorcycling is as much about the way the bike makes you feel as a means of getting from A to B. CCM Motorcycles [] have judged this trend perfectly and now offer a 7 strong line-up of bang on-trend, small capacity, lightweight bikes aimed at Fashionistas and enthusiasts alike, their latest offering is the stunning Foggy Special [see separate link

Manufacturers are finally embracing electrification, range and weight present a greater challenge when considering bikes, one interesting solution is to create a high performance, lightweight bicycle with quality cycle parts – prepare for a blurring of motorcycles and bicycles in the urban and off road landscape (Top images). 

ARC Our Road Is Motorcycle.jpg

Start-ups don’t come more interesting than this - From initial investigations this appears to be an ultra-high end technology and collaborative venture aiming to shift expectations and experience – significantly. Based on an electrified power train, composite construction, advanced haptic feedback and HUD this promises a ‘Tron-like’ glimpse into the future. 

Lastly, we should look in more detail at Ducati, their reputation for ultra-desirable, performance motorcycles has never been better represented than by their current 2019 line-up. From Street Scramblers, the iconic Monster [since 1993] through sports tourers, adventure bikes to their latest V4R Panigale []

The V4R represents the pinnacle of racing and road-going development, encompassing Ducati’s latest technology, a new V4 engine layout and simply stunning styling. This bike is set to become the latest iconic classic to add to Ducati’s illustrious catalogue of motorcycling history. 

Frazer StuartNovember 2018