Cadbury Launches Freddo Treasures

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2019 is already off to a great start with the launch of Cadbury's brand new Freddo Treasures!

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Freddo Treasures is a child-friendly snack in the form of a treasure chest that partners chocolate and a “Freddo Treasures” figurine or toy.

We’re extremely proud to have worked with Mondelez and their partners to take on the exciting task of evolving the iconic Freddo Frog and his friends into a brand new range of toys and characters for the new Freddo Treasures snack. Freddo and his gang are treasure finding experts, each character has special skills, and as a team they can find anything. They help their animal friends to find their long lost treasures, travelling to faraway lands in their magical treasure chest.

Our product development team leveraged their considerable experience and understanding of the toy and premiums market to tackle the mammoth task of developing a brand new range of unique and exciting characters and toys. We have successfully created a refreshing and fun new style that includes Freddo, one of the UK’s most endearing and iconic characters as well as some of Milka and Dairy Milk’s most popular characters. By maintaining a fresh and consistently stylish approach whilst retaining the brand DNA from such a broad range of iconic characters, Designworks has succeeded in the creation of compelling characters set to become children’s favourites for years to come.

Meet the Freddo Treasures Characters

Freddo: Full of energy and always up for a good time, you can find Freddo standing on his skateboard and ready for an adventure. A special rare Golden Freddo will also be available in one out of every 100 packs!

Skye: Every adventurer needs a wise companion and Skye, who like real owls can rotate his head around, will answer questions with either a yes (thumbs up) or no (thumbs down).

Jet: A super cool pig who loves food - and socialising with friends. Jet comes with a set of stickers, so you can adjust his personality depending on the mood.

Moo: Kind and gentle, you’ll always find Moo the cow with her arms open giving hugs to everyone. She gently nods her head as though she is in the field, grazing on grass.

Oz: A panda who loves adventure. His head bobbles and wobbles as he jumps around on the quest for treasure.

Raz: Like all cheeky monkeys, Raz is always up for a laugh – he’ll giggle as you move him up and down.

Padi: A penguin from the south pole, Padi loves swimming; when he gets cold his magic symbol shows up, so try putting him in the freezer.

Jo: Super smart and witty – Jo the cat is always on the lookout for her friends. She can see danger in the dark as her eyes glow, so she can light the way for her friends.

To learn more about how our product development team leveraged it’s vast knowledge of working with licensed brands in the toy and premiums market, and, creative expertise in children’s toy design to develop the new Freddo Treasures character and toy range, click the link below.